General Warranty

Pablo, Inc. extends a limited one (1) year warranty starting from the date of purchase to the original buyer upon presentation of valid proof of purchase, ensuring that all Pablo Inc. products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Additionally, integrated LEDs’ are covered under a five (5) year warranty. It is important to specify that this warranty does not encompass light bulbs. Light bulbs are not Pablo, Inc.'s manufactured products; however, they are supplied as accommodation with all lamp purchases. Except where required by applicable law, this Limited Warranty may not be assigned or transferred.

This warranty applies solely under conditions of normal use. This limited warranty does not extend to cover defects or damages resulting from: (1) abuse, accident, neglect, misuse, unusual physical stress, alterations, improper operation, handling, or installation of the product, improper power supply or electrical current fluctuations; (2) incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning, or care; (3) the normal wear and tear of the product, encompassing discoloration, natural weathering of finishes, or other cosmetic changes; or (4) the loss of functionality of the product in highly corrosive environments or due to exposure to conditions beyond performance and design specifications.

Under this Limited Warranty, the following costs and expenses are not covered: (1) shipping and receiving expenses, (2) labor costs for the initial installation, removal, or reinstallation of the Product or any defective part, and (3) labor costs or material charges for replacing unrelated items or building materials necessary for repairing or replacing the defective Product or component.

Pablo, Inc. incorporates natural materials such as wood, marble, leather, and others which naturally vary in color and texture, veining, graining, and translucency. Therefore, any claim for mis-matched appearance or color is not covered by this warranty. Hand blown artisan glass may inherently contain small lines, waves, or bubbles. These are not defects, but evidence that each piece is a crafted work of art. Therefore, any claim for these issues is not covered by this warranty.

Pablo, Inc. reserves the right to repair or replace any product(s) with either the same or a functionally equivalent Product(s) or component part(s) found to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period.

We stand committed to delivering products of exceptional quality and thank you for choosing Pablo, Inc. Should you have any inquiries or require warranty service, please reach out to our customer service team at info@pablodesigns.com.

Pablo Return Policy

Within 10 business days of receipt of goods, if you are unsatisfied with our products for any reason please notify either Pablo, Inc. or the retailer from which you purchased your product. Pablo, Inc. will process your return only if claim is made within 10 days of receipt. Returns are for credit or exchange. All authorized returns will incur a 20% restocking charge, contingent upon safe return of goods. You are responsible for shipping product back to Pablo. Please include a copy of your invoice
marked "Returned for Credit" with the product. On all orders being returned for credit, customer will be responsible to pay original freight charges, as well as the return charges back to Pablo. Return items MUST arrive in unused/new condition in all original packaging to be eligible for credit. All returned products must pass inspection by Pablo, Inc return team prior to being approved for credit.

Safety Notice:  Bola Disc 32, Bola Felt 32/42/52 Pendant Steel Cable Kit Available 

We've received a limited number of reports detailing malfunctions in the pendant iterations of Bola 32 Disc and Bola Felt in sizes 32, 42, and 52 manufactured since 2019. This pertains to a possible LED fault resulting from the fixture's weight gradually impacting the heat sink, which, in extremely rare instances, may lead to the lamp ceasing to illuminate.
While the reported cases have been minimal and have not caused harm to consumers, safety remains our utmost priority at Pablo Designs. To address this, for customers who purchased these models between December 2019 and December 2023, we've developed a simple add-on retro fit cable kit, which is designed to shift the weight of the fixture to a steel cable.
 Qualified technicians can seamlessly install this kit on these lamps. We encourage our customers to contact Pablo Designs' customer service team at bolakit@pablodesigns.com to obtain information on acquiring the retro fit kit, provided at no expense. Here is a link to the assembly guide for installing the kit.