Bola Disc is a uniquely expressive LED Pendant system featuring a distinctive range of chromated disc reflectors that give the illusion of weightlessness by mirroring its surroundings. Available in 4 distinct sizes 12”(30cm), 18”(46cm), 22”(56cm), 32”(81cm), Bola Disc pairs an elegant globe diffusor made of opaline glass with exquisitely polished stainless steel or aluminum discs in chrome, brass, rose gold 
and lacquered white to appease the most discerning tastes. Dependent on size, Bola provides up to 1550 lumens of warm ambient light and is fully dimmable, providing unparalleled illumination. Bola can be suspended individually, in series, or as striking chandelier groupings for residential, contract, and hospitality settings alike. 

Reflection in Modernity

Refined SurfacesBola is designed to span from the intimite residential space to social gathering environments such as lounge and hospitality settings combined.
Reflective and DiffusedWarm illumination from 400 to 1000 lumens that provides atmospheric comfort, while its thermally engineered LED light source ensures a uniform omni-directional light dispersion.
Scale and FinishBola Disc spans across four elegant sizes:
(12"(30cm)/18"(46cm)/22"(56cm)/32"(81cm) and four finishes in gloss white, chrome, brass and rose gold.


  • Minimal use of materials
  • Contains no hazardous materials such as mercury
  • Lasts for 50K hours or 25 years of daily use
  • Uses only 9W to 14W of power (90% more efficient than a comparable halogen light source, 40% more efficient than CFLs)


Pablo Studio
The Pablo Studio is a small group of makers and inventors with a diverse background in industrial design and craft, and a deep understanding of manufacturing, materials and technology.

  • Specifications

    Rose Gold
    Gloss White/Chrome

    Aluminum or
    SS Disc
    Opal Glass Globe
    Fabric Cord
    Aluminum Stem
    Steel Canopy

    Fully Dimmable
    Shade Options: 12”(30cm), 18”(46cm), 22”(56cm), 32”(81cm) Discs

    Voltage: 120V,  240V, or 277V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption: 8W (12”, 18”), 15W (22”), 20W (32”)
    Color Temperature: 2700K
    Luminosity: 560 Lumens (12”), 640 Lumens (18”), 1160 Lumens (22”),
    1550 Lumens (32”)
    Luminaire Efficacy: 57 Lumens/Watt
    Color Rendition Index: 95 CRI
    50K hour lifespan
    Cord Length: 10’ (3m) (Field cuttable)

    ETL, CE